Greetings from JUCTe President

About Japanese University Consortium for Transnational-education

Presiden toshio watanabe

The Japanese University Consortium for Transnational education was founded in 2007, with the goal of contributing to improve cross-national cooperation for international higher education in Southeast Asian countries that intend to exist in harmony with Japan to an ever greater degree in the areas of politics, economics, industry and culture.

The Malaysia Higher Education Loan Fund Project (HELP) using Japanese loan fund was a core program of JUCTe’s activities, with on-site education that started in 1993. In the third phase, over 1,000 Malaysian students came to Japan within the 22 years.

Students are expected to be the next generation of leaders in government institutions and private companies in Malaysia and Japan. The project as a loan fund ended in 2011; but at the request of the Malaysian government, it has continued as the Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program (MJHEP).

Under the commission of the leading universities (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Takushoku University), this organization continues to act as the secretariat of the MJHEP, and provide support to Malaysian students in Japan and the universities they study at.

In the future, we plan to use the knowledge and experience gained through this program to cooperate with more companies and universities in countries other than Malaysia, in order to contribute to educating truly global students and developing an international society, so we ask for your support.