New MJHEP Accepting Universities

We are happy to inform that Toyo University and Chukyo University will be newly attending the university fair on June, additional to the 22 MJHEP accepting universities.

The two universities will be accepting transfer students starting from AY2018, which begins in April 2018.


Toyo University is a private university located in Tokyo and Saitama. It was certified as one of the Super Global Universities of Japan.  Although Toyo University is likely to be accepting students at electric/electronic and mechanical majors, we hope in future that they will provide majors that were not available before.

Chukyo University is a private university located at Nagoya of Aichi Prefecture located in the Tokai region. Along with the high quality of education, the university is well-known for producing the best figure skate athletes in Japan. Chukyo University is the first to be accepting students through MJHEP in Nagoya city, which is one of the biggest and attractive cities in Japan.