Background and History

Background of JUCTe


Today, in various Asian countries, the standard of living has risen due to rapid economic development, and thus, interest towards education has been growing. Especially, the willingness to receive higher education has increased dramatically. On the other hand, the number of higher educational institutions like universities, are too little to fulfill such demand. Not only the number, but the quality provided by such institutions are not enough either.

Contrary to various Asian countries, in Japan, globalization of higher educational institutions is one of the highest priorities; policies were adopted to bring major universities to the world’s top rankings. Furthermore, movements regarding higher education worldwide have been expanding ever since the late 1980s. European higher educational institutions have already firmed its position abroad to provide various services, and are also been active in various Asian countries recently.

Following such trend of the world, in 1999, an educational consortium between Japanese universities was created. This establishment was for the Yen loan contract by the Japanese government and the operation of the 2nd Malaysia Higher Education Loan Fund Program. This program involved accepting students from Malaysia, who learnt from dispatched teachers of consortium universities. Operation of this program not only provided information of Japanese universities, but also successful in terms of remote education between Malaysia and Japan by internet technology.

Building on top of these achievements, in the near future, Japanese universities must send off variety of kinds of information related to topics such as academic culture and scientific technology, and also provide a diversified educational program and actively support foreign students in order to meet the expectations of the youths overseas.

In order to pursue the above-mentioned purposes, a Non-Profitable Organization that stands as a supportive institution was to be established by cooperation between Japanese universities regarding transnational education. We, Japan University Consortium for Transnational-education, was officially established in February 9th, 2006, accordingly.