Site Policy


All rights that are used in this website such as texts, graphics, photos, clips, music, programs (contents) etc. are reserved by JUCTe or the original author. The usage of these contents beyond the restrictions of law such as replication for private use, is prohibited. Any actions such as replication, modification, reprint, selling, printing, or any other actions violate the law is prohibited without the permission of the original author.


We will not take any responsibility for troubles or losses, damages that arises due to the usage of this website, or the information that is posted on this website. We may change/delete the structure, conditions of usage, URL, and contents without any notice. Also, we may suspend the operation of this website. We may change the site policy without any notice. We hope for your understanding.

About Prohibited Matters

The following are stipulated as prohibited.

  • Actions that prevent/hinder the operation of this website
  • Actions that threaten/cause inconvenience/disadvantages/damages us, or other users, .
  • Actions that threaten/violate privacy/property of us, or other users.
  • Actions that threaten/oppose public order and standards of decency
  • Actions that threaten/violate the law or regulations
  • Actions other than the above that are seen inacceptable

About the Links

The websites beyond our hyperlinks are managed by each administrator outside of JUCTe; we do not take responsibility for the content. Furthermore, any problems or damages that arise due to the usage of such websites are not of our concern. The contents of the linked websites are not recommendations of any sort, and does not mean we hold special relationships between these linked pages.

Handling of Confidential Information

The information of clients submitted through our forms will be securely managed. Unless under circumstances that related to laws and regulations, information received will not be disclosed/handed over to a third party.