Privacy Policy

Registered Non-Profit Organization Japan University Consortium for Transnational-education (JUCTe) will set the policy of confidential information policy as the following, and as an organization, understand the importance of protecting confidential information to promote the protection of confidential information.

Management of Confidential Information

We will accurately update the clients’ information, and will prevent unauthorized accesses, loss, damage, manipulation, leakage through maintaining a security system, prepare a management system, and train the staffs to strictly control the privacy of clients.

Purpose of the Usage of Confidential Information

Confidential information collected through the clients will be used only to reach the client to contact, provide guidance of business, and answer questions or requests through email or forwarding packages.

Prohibition of Providing/Disclosing Confidenial Information to a Third Party

We will manage confidential information received by clients securely, and will not disclose or provide these information to a third party except in these situations:

  • If agreed with the clients
  • When a disclosure to a third party is required to complete the tasks demanded by the client
  • When a disclosure is required by law

Safety Measures in Handling Confidential Information

In order to secure confidential information safety and accuracy, we take all possible measures to ensure security.

Reference of Clients

If the client requests to refer/edit/delete their confidential information, we will do so only under the identification of the client.

Observance and Review of Law and Mode

We will follow the law and mode that applies to the confidential information we hold, and review this policy when improvements are needed.


Please contact us regarding the handling of confidential information through the following.

JUCTe Secretariat