Name of Organization

Registered Non-Profit Organization Japanese University Consortium for Transnational-education


February 2006

Articles of Organization

Registered Non-Profit Organization

Japan University Consortium for Transnational-education

Articles of Organization

Chapter 1     General Rules


Article 1   This organization will be titled “特定非営利活動法人日本国際教育大学連合”. The English title is “Registered Non-Profit Organization Japan University Consortium for Transnational-education”, and can be shortened as “JUCTe”.


Article 2   This organization will place the office at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Classroom & Administration Building, 3-7-5 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo.


Article 3   This organization promotes educational program conducted abroad by Japanese universities and provide services for foreign students from Asia studying in Japan, as well as support students who wish to study abroad from Japan, by supplying areas where Japanese industry, local/central government, and citizens can participate, to spread international education of Japan, and contribute to the development of international society from Asia.

(Type of Non-Profit Organization)

Article 4   This organization aims to achieve the objective from the previous Article through the following non-profit activities.

  1. Activities to promote science, culture, arts or sports
  2. Activities of international cooperation
  3. Activities to stimulate the economy
  4. Activities to promote scientific technology
  5. Activities to support the development of vocational ability or expand opportunities of employment
  6. Activities to maintain, contact, advice or help the organization carry out the above activities


Article 5   In order to achieve the objectives of Article 3, the organization will conduct the following business as business related to non-profit activities.

  1. Business of higher education
    1. Conduct preliminary education by a higher educational body overseas
    2. Conduct technical education by a higher educational body overseas
    3. Conduct remote education from Japan
  2. Business to investigate, research, and develop overseas educational program
    1. Investigation of educational policies of foreign countries
    2. Business to collect and provide information related to studying abroad
    3. Investigation of the possibility of consociation with Japanese universities and formulation of execution plans
  3. Business to support foreign students
    1. Introduction of accepting universities
    2. Introduction of scholarships
    3. Mediation of housing
    4. Provision of other information for studying in Japan
  4. Business to support overseas education by Japanese universities
    1. Support establishment of overseas branch school
    2. Support establishment of joint universities with local universities
  5. Business to support educational ODAs
    1. Conduct overseas higher education business through Yen loan project
    2. Conduct cultivation of human resources in developing countries through ODAs
  6. Business to print organ papers and research report
  7. Other businesses required to achieve the objective

For more details, please refer to the PDF file (Japanese)

Business Income

Breakdown of Income in the Past 3 Years (Yen)
2020 2021 2022
Business Income 32,435,849 33,044,225 37,544,428
Received Membership Fee 2,600,000 2,600,000 2,600,000
Other Income 10,028 16,669 7,589
Income Total 35,045,877 35,660,894 40,152,017